Exclusive Video Premiere: â??Antidote,’ Danny Pratt

Initially darkened by shadows, a face slowly comes into the light as the beat playing in the background gains momentum. The soft focus fades to crispness, introducing Australian singer Danny Pratt in the music video for his song “Antidote.”

Pratt, who has previously performed as Danny Boy and collaborated with Zero 7, sings about lust—being poisoned by a burning desire for someone. In the video he is stranded in a cave as he begs for attention to fulfill this desire; to keep him from dying of his desire’s own toxin. At the end, he runs away. We don’t know where he is going.

Director (and Interview photographer) Brian Higbee plays with focus throughout the video, but maintains a narrow depth of field nearly the entire time. The video focuses on the frustrated, sad, and struggling emotion of Pratt’s body: his clear blue eye as it sheds a single tear, his bare feet stirring the dusty ground, and his bent-over silhouette as he sits at the mouth of the cave. “Watching the video, I feel it opens up the more emotional elements in the song allowing a new interpretation of the work as a whole,” explains Pratt. “We had a general idea that posing a question is more interesting than giving answers. This notion directed a lot of the location and story choices we made.”