Exclusive Track Premiere: ‘There’s a Girl,’ Jeremy & The Harlequins (feat. John Magaro)

Who knew actor John Magaro could sing? Here the Ohio native, who you might recognize as Vince Muccio from Orange is the New Black or Tinker from Angelina Jolie’s Unbroken, makes a vocal debut with his cousin, who happens to be Jeremy Fury, frontman of the New York rock ‘n’ roll band Jeremy & the Harlequins. The quintet’s single, “There’s a Girl,” which is premiering below, takes the listener back in time with its ’60s-tinged guitars, nostalgic love song lyrics, and cooing chorus.

“I didn’t plan on writing a duet,” Fury explains, “but after I demoed the song with an acoustic guitar, I thought it would be perfect to add a vocal harmony on top. John and I have a unique familial sound, so he was the first person I thought of.”

At the track’s opening, the cousins’ folksy vocals harmonize as they sing, “There’s a girl / I’ve been looking for a while / She is soft and true / And melts me with her smile.” This adoration quickly turns to disdain, however, as they continue, “I gave her all my heart / She held it in her hands / Then she ripped it all apart.” Simply put, it is a brokenhearted love song, albeit one that has its own soul.

“I wrote this song literally the day after my last girlfriend broke up with me,” Fury continues. “Most of the tunes I write aren’t as autobiographical, but this one happens to be an exception to the rule.”

“There’s a Girl” comes as a follow-up to Jeremy & The Harlquin’s latest album American Dreamer, which was released earlier this year. As a whole, the band finds inspiration in everyone from Buddy Holly, Elvis (both Presley and Costello), Mott the Hoople, and more, but this specific single began and ended with The Everly Brothers.

“Jeremy had been working on an Everly Brothers-style song for a little while and one day at the apartment he asked me to sing along with him,” Magaro remembers. “We sang Everly Brothers for fun for a while and a couple of duets at Bowery Electric a few years ago, but this was Jeremy’s own take on that style.”