Exclusive Track Premiere: ‘Beach Break,’ Julietta

It’s been a frigid February in New York City and warm days feel distant. New York-based musician Julietta is in for what’s left of winter’s cold fronts with the rest of us, but her new electro-pop track “Beach Break,” which premieres exclusively below, transports us to a summer day. Catchy in its consistency, it was recorded far afield of Julietta’s home base, at Maderas Village’s music studio in Nicaragua.

“I needed some time to write, read, create, get lost with monkeys, and get beat up surfing,” says Julietta of how she ended up making music in Central America. Before heading south she had spent time in Los Angeles, in search of collaborators, and met Jack Goodman, with whom she “instantly bonded.” Goodman played Julietta music he produced that she could write to, and their matching of “musical souls” led her to make a sudden offer. “Three hours after I met the guy, I told him: ‘Listen, I know this is going to sound crazy, but bear with me. … Come with me [to Nicaragua], let’s finish creating these tracks, and get lost together,” she says. “He looked at me as if I had six heads.” But Goodman went. The next time they met was at a beach bar on Playa San Juan del Sur.

The rhythm they fell into—yoga, surfing, time on the beach, then into the studio—inspired “Beach Break,” and Julietta explains that although the song has “a fun jam vibe,” it materialized from a space of clear-headed, dedicated work that she wants to continue. “It comes from an honest place,” says Julietta of the song. “It’s a direct translation of the emotions Jack and I had while we were at Maderas. The sounds in the opening of the song are the sounds that came from the jungle outside our windows. It’s just super real and raw,” she continues. “That’s how I hope to continue making music.”