Exclusive Song Premiere: ‘Time Bomb,’ Shy Hunters

Take a rolling, ‘80s-style drum line, Patti Smith’s preamble to her cover of “Hey Joe,” Twin Peaks’ swooning guitar, and overlay it all with soaring female vocals—and you’ve got a rough sketch of “Time Bomb,” the latest single from Brooklyn-based duo Shy Hunters, which we’re pleased to debut here.



With such diverse echoes as Smith and Lynch, it comes as no surprise that the song’s structure takes an equally creative approach, bounding between ethereal and intense. Guitars and varied rhythms create a patchwork feel and build a restless energy; “Time Bomb” is at once organic and disjointed. But singer Indigo Street’s voice carries—even as collapse seems imminent and the balance fragile, her vocals hold the track together… barely. The song itself is a time bomb. 
Just as fine brews must be enjoyed in their particular glasses, we believe that songs must be heard under certain conditions. “Time Bomb” is best listened to when you’re running or driving—the better to capture its intense kineticism.