Exclusive Song Premiere: ‘Can We Go Up,’ Paper Diamond



Bass-heavy dance act Pretty Lights received heaps of band buzz when it hit every summer event under the sun last year, visiting events from Bonnaroo to Coachella to the Detroit Electronic Music Fest, wowing critics and partygoers with groove-infused samples. So when frontman Derek Vincent Smith returned to his home in Colorado, he took his newfound attention and launched his own label at the beginning of this year, putting out acts like Break Science and a fellow Colorado resident, Paper Diamond.

While both Pretty Lights and Paper Diamond pay homage to the glitchy, stab-infused days of rave yore, Paper Diamond is the frenetic younger brother to Pretty Lights’ syrupy downtempo. For his newest release, the fuzzed-out “Can We Go Up,” Paper Diamond—also known as Alex B., who also runs a design firm called Elm & Oak in Colorado—offers a choppy dance anthem, complete with Hoover synths and electronic strings, but rearranged for a hyper dance floor. (The single also features artwork by Josh Holland, best known for his work with Gorillaz.) “Can We Go Up” is the first single off of Paper Diamond’s new EP Paragon, which will send Paper Diamond out this fall on the appropriately named “Turnt Up Tour.”

“Can We Go Up” is the perfect jam for a retired raver—or anyone just looking to add some major energy to their workout mix—and we’re psyched to premiere it today, in honor of Alex B.’s birthday.