Dance Revolution


As the world waits for the new Justice album, it could stand to check out SebastiAn’s debut, Total (Ed Banger/Atlantic). The producer-remixer-DJ shares both a label and an irreverent approach to dance music with French electro-master brethren. Gaspard Augé, one half of Justice, appears on Total, along with other notably iconoclastic guests such as M.I.A and soul maverick Mayer Hawthorne. SebastiAn may be even more unhinged and poptastic, however, than his Parisian peers: On Total, he taps into the lost groove separating Prince and Rage Against The Machine. Here, he’s all noise, attitude, and mirrorballin’ beats, shapeshifting from distorted howls and agro guitars to disco strings and grinding funk over 22 relentless tracks. Throughout, SebastiAn flips le bird to pop fashion—proving, of course, eminently fashionable.