When Best Coast Met Chloe and Drew

In their new video for “Our Deal,” chilled-out indie rock girl group Best Coast team up with actress-turned-director Drew Barrymore and a host of unlikely characters for a cinematic homage to West Side Story. Whose gang would you want to be in: Community star Donald Glover’s Day Trotters, or Arrested Development star Alia Shawkat’s Night Creepers? It’s a tough call—but since we still hope that Shawkat has some Arrested Development director’s cut episodes stashed away somewhere, we’re going to go with the Night Creepers.

Shortly after the video begins, two similarly coiffed lovers—Night Creeper Veronica (Chloe Moretz) and Day Creeper Lucky (Tyler Posey)—cross paths and spark up a cute secret relationship, complete with notes written on hands, goofy dancing, and rooftop jacket-sharing. For art’s sake, we’ll try to forget that Chloe Moretz is only fourteen while her boo is nineteen, because that is more than a little weird. During the one day they spend together, the couple’s relationship seems to be peachy—until one of the Day Trotters is killed. As tension between the gangs builds, Veronica asks Lucky to run away with her, and through the efficient language of spray painting he tells her, “I can’t.” The video climaxes with a fight between the two gangs—and seriously, what’s a fight without the guy who lays down some cardboard for spontaneous break dancing?  Veronica, understandably upset after being dumped in the form of street art, catches Lucky with a killer right hook that sends him flying over the roof they’ve congregated on. Alas, after he’s hit, the boy is not so lucky—oh, the irony! The video ends with Veronica cradling a dying Lucky and realizing she hadn’t paid close enough attention: His spray paint message actually said, “I can’t… wait to spend my life with you.”

Moral of the story? When a girl asks you to run away with her and the answer is yes, just give her a thumbs up, dude!