Alice Glass releases dark new video for “Forgiveness”

Alice Glass debuted the new video for “Forgiveness” today, the second track off her self-titled solo EP.

With a raw, DIY edge the Lindsey Mann-directed video follows Glass down a rabbit hole of seedy bars and clubs, as she writes the song’s lyrics over reflective surfaces.

“I’m the same as you / I have nothing / I am empty too in the right way,” she sings, explaining in a statement that “forgiveness can be exploitative or even predatory, especially when people use it as a means to guilt someone rather than heal them.”

The darkness is not a grunge-era schtick, but obviously personal for Glass, in both song and video, the EP being her first album since departing from electronic band Crystal Castles three years ago, after what she said were years of alleged harassment and abuse from her bandmate Ethan Kath. Kath subsequently sued Glass for defamation.

See the new video below.