Meet Sonoya Mizuno, Proud Cat Person

All Clothing by CK1 Palace collection by Calvin Klein and Palace Skateboards.

Sonoya Mizuno doesn’t love being watched, which isn’t ideal for someone who later this summer will be appearing in House of the Dragon, which, apologies to Jeff Bezos, is easily the biggest show of the year. As of this writing, there’s not much known about the 35-year-old Tokyo-born actor’s role in HBO’s Game of Thrones spinoff, except that she plays Mysaria, “the most trusted—and most unlikely—ally of Prince Daemon Targaryen, the heir to the throne.” And if CGI dragons aren’t your thing, Mizuno, who was last seen starring in Alex Garland’s sci-fi series Devs, will also appear opposite Dakota Johnson in the romantic drama Am I OK? And while you’re busy watching her, Mizuno, who can be seen here across the NYC streets in the new CK1 Palace collection from Calvin Klein and the iconic skate wear brand Palace, will be perfectly happy watching her cat.


INTERVIEW: What did you watch last night?

SONOYA MIZUNO: Nothing, I’m jet lagged.

INTERVIEW: How do you watch?

MIZUNO: On my sofa with my cat on my lap.

INTERVIEW: Who are you watching?

MIZUNO: My cat.

INTERVIEW: Who watches you?

MIZUNO: My cat.

INTERVIEW: How do you get attention?

MIZUNO: From my cat? Give her treats.

INTERVIEW: What do you do when no one’s watching?

MIZUNO: Sing songs to my cat about how much I love her and how cute she is.

INTERVIEW: What movie do you know by heart?

MIZUNO: The Sound of Music.

INTERVIEW: Which show do you watch the most?

MIZUNO: Schitt’s Creek.

INTERVIEW: Are you a voyeur?

MIZUNO: Only of my cat.

INTERVIEW: Do you get shy on camera?

MIZUNO: No at work. Yes in real life.

INTERVIEW: What do you hate-watch?

MIZUNO: I’m not saying.

INTERVIEW: Do you watch the news?


INTERVIEW: Do you like being watched?

MIZUNO: Hate it.

INTERVIEW: Do you watch what you eat?

MIZUNO: Not at all.

INTERVIEW: What’s the best movie theater?

MIZUNO: The Arclight in Hollywood was the best until it went under. The Prince Charles Cinema in London is my favorite for weird stuff and old stuff.

INTERVIEW: What’s the best streaming service?

MIZUNO: I’ll say HBO Max because House of the Dragon and Am I OK? are both coming out on HBO Max this summer.

INTERVIEW: What’s your favorite channel?

MIZUNO: Don’t do channels these days.

INTERVIEW: Do you ever feel like you’re being surveilled?

MIZUNO: Yes, I use an iPhone.

INTERVIEW: Who do you love?

MIZUNO: My brothers and sisters, Saya, Jinya, Mariya, Miya, and Tomoya. My nieces and nephew, Amaya and Otoya, and my three-day old niece with no name yet (the name will probably end in ya too in case you hadn’t noticed). Also, my cat.

INTERVIEW: Who do you follow?

MIZUNO: I don’t have social media so, my cat?

INTERVIEW: When was the last time you lied?

MIZUNO: It was probably about being busy when I wanted to stay at home with my cat.