Watch the trailer for neo-noir film Under the Silver Lake starring Andrew Garfield


Andrew Garfield is back in his plummest type of plum role—cutely awkward, on a heroic quest—in the forthcoming film Under the Silver Lake.

From It Follows [2014] director David Robert Mitchell, the psychedelic thriller feels like Pineapple Express [2008] meets Paper Towns [2015] meets Stanley Kubrick’s cinematic style packaged in a modern-day film noir. Sam (Garfield) falls for mysterious pixie dream girl Sarah (Riley Keogh) who disappears suddenly after the pair spend a romantic night together.

Sam whizzes all over Los Angeles in search of Sarah, looking for clues in unexpected places—songs, symbols, street signs—but finds himself lost among the Dream Factory’s glitterati and diving into the depths of Silver Lake.

The film is set for release on June 22. Watch the first trailer below.