Sundance 2011: Come and Knock on Their Door…

The big wigs were all mussed up—literally—in Park City’s Playboy club on Friday night, celebrating the debut of James Franco’s deconstructed-sit-com-art-experiment-meets-goofy-home-movie project Three’s Company: The Drama.

The invitation stated the party would be held at the “Regal Beagle Lounge,” to which many guests under the age of forty, not understanding the reference, reacted by asking their smartphones where that was. Still, the masses had no trouble finding the party, and before long the bar became packed tighter than John Ritter’s short shorts. Three’s company, but three hundred’s a crowd. PHOTO OF JAMES FRANCO AND RICHARD KLINE, LEFT, COURTESY OF JAMES FRANCO

A colorful array of ‘70s vintage shirts and cheap wigs were offered to guests so they could dress like their favorite “Three’s Company” characters. Except for the cast, crew, and their friends, most didn’t choose the vintage look, perhaps because it would spoil their outfit, but more likely because it was too hot and crowded to be stuck in an polyester shirt and an itchy wig.

That wasn’t the case for Franco, however, who kept his Suzanne Somers wig on until the wee hours, or for his producing partner, Vince Jolivette who also played the role of neighbor “Larry Dallas” in Franco’s version. The original Larry, played by Richard Kline, was in attendance; and so were Eliza Dushku, Rick Fox, Stephen Elliott, Danny McBride, and Dave Franco.



Kalup Linzy, video artist, performer, and half of the new musical duo “Kalup and Franco” also modeled a blond wig, though that wasn’t entirely surprising since he often performs in drag. Following the hits of the seventies, “Kalup and Franco” provided the dance track with two of their songs, “Chewing Gum” and “Hot Mess.”

Much later, after the multitudes had cleared, Vince Jolivette took the makeshift stage and performed an original number called, I think, “Foreskin on My Face.” Franco emerged with a bottle of Nivea lotion, one of the party’s sponsors, and suggestively squirted copious amounts of white goop all over Jolivette’s face.