Old News: Jake Gyllenhaal

In honor of Donnie Darko‘s 10th anniversary—today!—Interview went searching through the magazine stacks for a properly themed Old News piece (read: something weird). Boy, did we hit the jackpot. The year is 2002, and a pre-A-list Jake Gyllenhaal is being interviewed by Susan Sarandon for Interview‘s August issue. A year after Donnie Darko‘s release, Gyllenhaal is awaiting the premieres of The Good Girl and Moonlight Mile. Sarandon is still with (now ex-) husband Tim Robbins, Brad is still with Jen, and an anonymous spectator thinks Gyllenhaal is some writer/producer interviewing Sarandon. Read on to revisit creepier times.

SUSAN SARANDON: Here’s the scene: We’re at a Manhattan restaurant named Man Ray and we’re in the ladies’ room because the tape recorder only works with a cord and this is the quietest place to plug it in. So Jake, now that we’re comfy, let’s cut to the chase—you’ve got some movies coming up.

JAKE GYLLENHAAL: Three. [a woman enters]

WOMAN: Oh, hello!

SARANDON: Hello. You can come in. Don’t mind us, we’re just doing an interview.

WOMAN: You’re doing an interview? Are you going to listen to me pee?


SARANDON: We’ll talk really loud.

WOMAN: Oh, that’s so funny. That’s OK.