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“White Guilt So Tasty”: Comedian Dulcé Sloan Sounds Off

Art by Jack Vhay.


Dulcé Sloan is a natural at making people laugh. Her innate ability to deliver jokes is what led her to the stand-up stage—where her talent and star power would eventually catapult her to the moment she’s having right now. The Atlanta-raised 37-year-old made waves with her appearance on Conan in 2016 before becoming a correspondent for The Daily Show with Trevor Noah, where she continues to educate audiences on everything from Fashion Week to policing.  Earlier this year, she launched That Black Ass Show, a podcast where, with the help of guests like Tiffany Haddish, she dives in on her favorite Black-led television shows from The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air to Insecure. And now, she’s putting her theater degree to good use in Chick Fight, opposite Malin Åkerman, Bella Thorne, and Alec Baldwin—a modern take on that movie about men fighting for no reason. As if her schedule wasn’t jam-packed, she’s also giving life to Honeybee, a character in Fox’s upcoming animated sitcom The Great North, from the minds of Bob’s Burgers. Sloan is a busy girl, but even so, she found some time to sound off on a few topics at semi-random, including pickup lines, Lizzo, and fight clubs.



“I love cheesy pickup lines. They’re great.”



“Difficult. When we were able, because New York was allowing outdoor dining, I would talk to them on FaceTime beforehand and get to know them. I would have a drink with them at a restaurant, only if the preliminary screening’s okay and I have enough to talk about. Because sometimes, you’ll get dressed for nothing, girl. Ugh, the calories aren’t worth it. My time is not worth it.”



“My face, my beautiful face. As in my face, getting hit in the face. That’s what I’m thinking about.”



“I’m not her.”



“Yes! We are not respected enough. The wig game was amazing, too.”



“Give me one, give me one. Give me one. I don’t need a bunch. Just give me one. I’m not being greedy. Give me one.”



I was sent the script and I read it and I really loved it. And they said we were filming in Puerto Rico in January. I was like, ‘If there’s any way I can get out of New York in January, I’m going to do it.” I liked that [my character, TJ] was a best friend to a person of color and they were fully rounded out, 360-degree characters, as opposed to just being supportive of the white lead.”



“Always there for me when I need them. Corrina, Corrina with Whoopi Goldberg and Ray Liotta is one of my favorite romantic comedies. It’s one of my favorite movies, actually.”



“She’s going to quit. They’re going to have to hold that girl at gunpoint to make her stay longer than five years.”



“I love it. White guilt so tasty.”