For Spring, Y-3 Plays Off the Rocker


Published February 1, 2011

Y-3 ushers in its tenth anniversary with a Spring/Summer 2011 campaign inspired by the peculiar electricity of a rock show, complete with ominous shadows, high-tops, and ominous guitar feedback. The initial campaign video, shot by Jacob Sutton in black and white, highlights the silhouettes of its vests, pedal-pushers, and fedoras. Jacob Coupe’s cropped blazer and Bo Don’s asymmetrical jacket also stand out. Y-3, the decades-old collaboration between Yohji Yamamoto and Adidas, is known for pushing the limits of “athletic wear”—so the fact that these clothes seem more suitable for a musical performance than an athletic one isn’t really surprising. However, the quasi-claustrophobic Spinal Tap vibe the models throw off as they search blindly for the stage door might be.