Winter Wonderland: Lighten Those Locks!

Winter is quickly approaching—and while you’re reevaluating your wardrobe, it’s time, too, to reevaluate your hair color. While you may tend to think darker is the way to go, the professionals (and their muses) have opted for a different type of winter makeover. George Papanikolas from the Andy LeCompte Salon in Los Angeles—he’s dressed tresses on heads like Britney Spears’ and Nicole Richie’s—discusses the winter mane.

What is the trend for winter hair color?
The “Ombre” look has been all the rage in Hollywood, and the model who led the way with the look, Daria Werbowy, is again the inspiration for the latest version. A softer, dialed-down ombre look for winter.

How does this differ from fall?
There is still a soft, seamless transition from darker roots to lighter ends, but now the lighter ends are just a few shades lighter rather than the dramatic blonde we were seeing in summer and fall.  The look still looks modern, and gives the hair movement and dimension.

What about spring and summer?
This look is still hot in spring and summer—it’s just much lighter and more dramatic.

Why are people warming up their color for winter?
Golden tones tend to be more flattering and liven you up in the dead of winter.

What is the perfect blonde hue? Brunette? Red?
The perfect hue is different for every person.  It depends on your skin tone, eye color, etc.  That’s why it’s important to see a professional to help guide you in the right direction.

Is it better to dye your entire head of hair for winter or just add highlights?
I rarely recommend dying your entire head dark for winter unless you plan on staying with the look for a long time.  Instead, opt for lowlights.

Who are some great winter-color inspirations?
I love golden blondes like Nicole Richie in the winter… always looks great with a dark winter wardrobe. And, of course, Daria.