Whoopi Goldberg reviews Vaquera

Whoopi Goldberg has never been one to chase trends, and in character has worn everything from a nun’s habit to doctor’s scrubs, but in recent years Goldberg has been recharging the battery of fashion by becoming an unexpected style icon.

Dressing down in brands like Vetements and being spotted amongst the throngs of fashion’s elite on the front rows of shows for Hood by Air, Marc Jacobs and Gypsy Sport, she’s ideally situated to offer an authoritative opinion on the looks on parade throughout NYFW. And with her acerbic wit, we couldn’t resist asking her thoughts.

Throughout NYFW, Goldberg will be reviewing a handful of select SS18 shows. Here, she falls in love with an exceptional terry cloth gown at Vaquera’s SS18 collection—an indie label helmed by four uber-cool Millennials—at the Church Street Boxing Gym.

WHOOPI GOLDBERG: I love the fact that we’re in a boxing ring, where boxers come and train. It’s so smart. What was interesting is the show moved at the pace of New York. That feel of, we’re going to duke it out, was the groove in here. So it felt quite normal to be here.

The standout piece for me was the white, terry cloth gown. It’s such a brilliant idea, you think, “Why didn’t someone think of this already?” It’s beautiful. You would never think to do that but it’s gorgeous. There’s a giant shirt, like a frayed, big shirt that comes up in the front and is long in the back. That, for me, was magnificent. I thought, “I could wear that.” I also liked the giant bow, just because I would want to walk over and sit at the table at The View with that on, just to see. A lot of the bigger shirts I love. All of the shirts I can’t wear on TV. Like the one that says, “Fuck death.” Yeah, they won’t let me wear that.

[The color palette didn’t include] colors that are good for me, but they work. They’re like honey colors. There was the straight-leg and the summer-leg. I liked that. There were so many interesting pieces. Are people going to be wearing [these clothes]? Probably. The first jacket that came out was great. I have to say, I liked the card dress. I just thought, “Why not?” It is fashion and fashion makes its own statement. Those cards covered where they were supposed to cover. And they looked good! I really liked it.

Fashion is for everybody, what [Vaquera] are basically saying is, “Listen, we’re going to tell you what we think is gorgeous and wonderful and fun and if you get it, you get it. If you don’t, move on!” But there’s something here for everybody. If you can find me some things and I say, “I could work that out.” And I could, and you know I could!

If I were hosting another Oscars show I would wear the terry cloth [gown]. Absolutely. I just think it’s beautiful. If you’re sweating in it, no one will know. But think about it, to have that on the red carpet would be spectacular. A piece that stands out and says, “I’m not how you think I should be, but I’m how I think I should be. I’m in a gown! I’m in a gown and it’s terry cloth. And in two years from now y’all will be wearing it.” Let’s just say that.

I would wear the giant shirt, I would wear that to work with some leggings. They’re so unique. That’s what you want, something unique that says, “You know you wanna wear this, but you’re nervous.” But I’m not. I just loved it. If you’re going to walk out with something that’s really unique and different than everything else, then own it. Because it shows if you’re not comfortable, or you think you’re not doing what you should be doing, it shows on your face.

I worried about them going around the corner. Even when you’re walking fast in New York, you slow down at the corners. And they were in slippery-bottomed shoes, so I was worried. Everyone was represented—it didn’t say only these people can wear my stuff. It said, “Everybody can wear my stuff.” And that’s the way it should be.

If this collection were a film, it would be Jean-Luc Godard. Absolutely, because it’s unique. Any time you see something that makes you go, “Hey!” That’s magnificent. That’s what these are, and that’s what Godard films do for me. They make me go, “Ahh, okay! I like it.” I didn’t know [Vaquera]. But I know them now and I’m going to find that dress, I’m telling you. I’m going to find that dress and that shirt. They’re just wonderful.