With an Exclusive PS1, The Webster Defines Chic


There is an undeniable fact of modern living: Proenza Schouler bags are really, truly worth it. And without engaging in any sort of hyperbole, there might not be a bag that captures the over-the-shoulder effortlessness and the slouchy luxe leather trend like the Proenza signature PS1. Fashion week is full of them for a good reason—they are stylish, practical, and come in heaps of colors.

It might be perfectly understandable, then, to shell out for the “Extra Extra Limited Edition Exclusive” PS1 in a shocking aqua blue—an apt color for its Miami Beach location. The bag is only at The Webster Miami (it is extra, extra limited edition, after all), but don’t fret. You can order it by phone at (305) 674-7899, and keep the color of summer perched perfectly over your shoulder even if you happen to leave Dade County.