We Found Kim Cattrall Next To A Stack Of Cash at the Alexander Wang Garage

Kim Cattrall

Kim Cattrall, photographed by Emily Sandstrom.


On Wednesday night, Alexander Wang snuck in a mid-season runway presentation at the brand’s Soho flagship store, compiling a number of key looks from their PF24, FW24 and Resort 2025 collections. To mark the occasion, the store was transformed into “The Garage,” with a huge, mangled town-car protruding from the building’s facade and silver-blue carpet lining every corner of the interior. Behind the fog were a number of unexpected cyber accoutrements, including blue-light tanning beds and smashed glass piled over tires. Beside towering speakers coated with stacks of cash, I found my seat—a trash bag turned beanbag—where I saw Paris Jackson, Slick Woods and Gabbriette decked out in all the Wang staples: leather, studs, and black lycra. But it was Kim Cattrall who really stole the show. Shortly after the last model walked the runway, we dashed over to her velour airplane seat across the room to hear more about her 20-year love affair with Alexander Wang.


EMILY SANDSTROM: Tell me a bit about what you’re wearing. I love this blazer dress, you look great.  

KIM CATTRALL: Thank you. Well, it’s Alexander Wang, head to toe. 

SANDSTROM: And these studded heels–

Kim Cattrall

Kim Cattrall

CATTRALL: Aren’t they amazing? I love them. The studs are wrapped all the way around. 

SANDSTROM: What did you think of the show? Do you have a favorite look? 

CATTRALL: You know, I don’t have a favorite ever. It’s just sort of, “Oh, I love that jacket, I love that top, I love that purse, I love those heels.” It’s all of the components coming together that make it so remarkable. I’ve been buying Alexander Wang for 20 odd years. I still have every piece of his that I’ve bought. I just won’t ever give them up because they’re just so comfortable and they’re so different. 

SANDSTROM: What did you think of the studded hair?

CATTRALL: Oh, that was just amazing. Look I have these on [points to large studded earrings]. 

Kim Cattrall

SANDSTROM: Oh my god, I love these. They do look like they could be painful if something went wrong–

CATTRALL: Oh, they really could but they better not. They’re magnetic so you just clip them on and off. 

SANDSTROM: Can you describe the show for me in three words?  

CATTRALL: Three words? Superb, Alexander, Wang. 

SANDSTROM: I guess that’s three, technically. 

CATTRALL: Yes! You know, I was introduced to him by Pat Field and I remember she said to me, “Nobody’s doing what he’s doing.” Everything has just such beautiful, clean lines. It’s feminine, it has structure to it, but it’s fluid. There’s nothing like it. 

SANDSTROM: Absolutely. Did anything stand out to you from this show?

CATTRALL: Really, the leather. I love the leather. I want to melt into it. And with the studs, it’s beautiful. 

SANDSTROM: It really is. And those thigh-high, oversized boots.

CATTRALL: They were phenomenal.

SANDSTROM: I was kind of worried they were going to trip over in them.

CATTRALL: I know. Well, I honestly kept putting my legs back because I thought they didn’t have a lot of room and it would be horrible to trip. 

SANDSTROM: Truly. Okay, so we’re surrounded by some unusual props tonight and I have to ask: Which are you jumping into tonight, the tanning bed or the pile of money?  

CATTRALL: Oh, neither one. Neither one is healthy for you. Too much money or too much sun. 

SANDSTROM: That’s a really good point. What’s Samantha jumping into? 

CATTRALL: Well, I’m sure she would have a very different point of view. 

SANDSTROM: I could only imagine. We also have Ice Spice, Tinashe and Paris Jackson here tonight. What do you think of the new generation of Wang? 

CATTRALL: It’s super cool. You know, the brand really works flawlessly across different generations and different faces. 

SANDSTROM: Well, Kim. Thanks so much for talking to me.

CATTRALL: Thank you, it was great to meet you.