Season’s Greetings from Kate Bosworth and Topshop

We try not to break out the Christmas music this early, but we have to make an exception for Kate Bostworth’s rendition of “Winter Wonderland” in her new video for Topshop. Inspired by Michelle Pfeiffer’s piano-top performance in The Fabulous Baker Boys, it’s more chilling than cheery and saccharine, which makes it a welcome relief from all the jingle bells ringing in our ears as of late.


Directed by Michael Polish, the clip features a 360-degree view of Bosworth in the round, donning a custom Topshop evening gown that the actress designed in collaboration with the brand’s creative team. This one’s not for your Christmas list, unfortunately: it will be available for custom order in February in conjunction with the opening of the company’s LA flagship. For a bit of instant gratification, the track is available on iTunes now.