Thom Browne Takes on the Half-Pipe, Sacrifices

Known for popularizing the cropped suits Pee Wee Herman was waiting for, for his fastidious personal style, and for his luxurious presentations during Fashion Week, menswear designer Thom Browne’s newest project is an unlikely collaboration with skateboard outfitter Supreme. The limited collection of oxfords is available in blue, black or red. Keeping with Browne’s trajectory, the collaboration is quite tailored. But the material and simple shape give the collection a more rugged feel than, say, Browne’s three piece suit. Styled on skateboarder Jason Dill the pieces look as if, when they become available March 25, they might just work on a half pipe. There’s no accounting for lateral arm movement, however. Here are some details Browne fortunately forewent, his skateboarding demographic in mind:

1. Pelts. Not optimal, particularly for jumps.
2. Sequins. Reflection potentially blinding from peripheral vision.
3. Bucket hats that cover your eyes with the glasses over them to suggest your eyes might not be there, although you cannot see: self-explanatory
4. Skirts/Dresses: As with #1–3, there is a significant risk in your local skate park, if not at Pier 59.