Most Wanted: The Candle



This week, Interview‘s fashion team is taking some time to stop and smell Bois de Rose—as well as Bois Sauvage, Bois de Amour, and three more of makeup-artist-cum-candlemaker Alexa Rodulfo’s signature scents. Her latest product, called simply The Candle, is available in each of those half-dozen fragrances, which release notes of everything from cumin and fur to oakmont and orange. Additionally, The Candle can be found in a new scent called Bois de Colette (pictured), a limited-edition collaboration with the Paris boutique.

Rodulfo’s latest collection was created by the same artisans in Grasse, France who produce all of the designers wax wares. The first 100 candles in each fragrance are made of colored wax encased in colored glass; the rest are natural, untinted wax encased in clear glass. Find the collection exclusively at Aedes de Venustas and Bergdorf Goodman, or online at Alexa Rodulfo’s own website. $35 at

This “Most Wanted” object is selected by Interview Market Director Dania Ortiz.