Thakoon’s Last Supper

Thakoon Panichgul was going to be Interview‘s guest blogger, and planned to update us just before his show, which is today at 3 PM. We waited up for it; it never came. We considered our hopes for a look inside Thakoon’s studo dashed. Then, in the middle of last night, our Blackberry lit up, to our initial delight and ultimate concern. We received this desperate SOS BBM from the designer, informing us that his last supper consists of junk food and two varieties of coconut water:


“As I attempt to write this, I find myself incoherent. I’ve just finished my last fitting… Time check: 11:35 PM. We still have much more to do—shoes, accessories, alterations. Here: my last meal of the night.


Protein, Thakoon, and good luck! We trust that you’re well hydrated.



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