Test Drive: Clarins Men Fatigue-Fighting Serum

As anyone who works in fashion will tell you, the only true cure-all for puffy eyes is a dab of hemorrhoid cream, applied with a delicate rap of the ring finger. But the day I left for the shows in Milan and Paris I received a package from Clarins Men, containing their new men’s Anti-Fatigue Eye Serum, which launches this week. I was initially skeptical, but the bottles were airport regulation size so I decided to take them along. After all, what better testing ground than the early mornings and late nights of two weeks of in-your-face fashion?

The eye serum is meant to diminish signs of fatigue—reducing dark circles, de-puffing the eyes and by giving you a more awake well rested appearance. Let’s just say that with my jet lag, a night of cocktails at the Principe in Milan, and a final night at Club Sandwich in Paris, it’s exactly what I needed, and exactly what I got. Now it’s part of my New York Fashion Week survival kit, and a permanent resident of my medicine cabinet.