The Elements of Style (Now for Men)

Why should women be the only ones who get to sparkle? Swarovski Elements’ Men’s Club begs to differ. Now on its third foray into menswear collaborations, the Men’s Club’s fall 2011 line focuses on classic looks stepped up just a touch with the addition of the 115-year-old brand’s iconic crystals. The re-interpretation of classic menswear looks to incorporate a Swarovski edge ranges from the subtle (nubby Pringle sweaters with hints of shine woven into their cable knits) to the daring (maroon studded Salvatore Ferragamo loafers, of which we can’t get enough), and hits every note in between—a Piombo robe, an Umit Benan suit, a dashing pair of buckled Marni brogues. Preview a selection of next season’s line, above.