Cheap Monday Makes a Flash Mob



This season’s Cheap Monday show was located on the outskirts of the city center out by the pier Frihamnen. But Cheap Monday is also Stockholm’s reigning popular export (skinny jeans having integrated themselves into the public imagination, rather than fading from it), a tremendous  young crowd follows the brand and queues for a half-hour in the bitter cold to see the show. After seated guests had found their place and were properly attended to, the doors opened to the public and a hilarious crowd of 300 or more fashion-frenzied Stockholmers literally mobbed the space. Meatloaf’s “I Would Do Anything For Love” kick-started the show.

This collection didn’t neglect skinny jeans in a somber color palate of greys and blacks. On the women’s side, these were complemented by mini-knit dresses in horizontal, even sparkly bands, or in zip-pullovers with nautical details. The men’s side was even more basic, pairing the slightly more masculine men’s skinny jeans with sweaters with assymmetric pockets. The designers seem to think the men’s Scandinavian bone structure and Protestant distraction would make the trip  worthwhile