Seasonal Umbrellas: Waiting for Mary Poppins


Unless you are Shirley Manson or some other contrarian, no one really likes it better when it rains. Or in this current climate, snows miserable and persists on the ground. However, you might be inclined to adjust your opinion of wet weather when faced with more inspired options in luxury umbrellas. Jean Paul Gaultier’s square umbrella is so comically simple in its conceit you might want to go out on a less than inclement day and try it out for a pinwheel.  If black polyesters umbrellas are too macabre, James Smith & Sons has a classic selection in very season tartans and plaids. The designs go back to the family-run company’s 1830 inception, and they might inspire you to jump ship, leave for upstate, and try them out in a more natural environment.