This Spring, Serums Get Serious

One of the biggest beauty fallacies of all time is that when the weather heats up, you can skip the moisturizer. Not true! There is no correlation whatsoever between the seasons and hydration—except, perhaps, how heavy a moisturizer you choose to use. This season, however, we’ve noticed that serum’s are getting a big boost in the hype department. Almost every company worth mentioning has developed and launched a serum for the skin.

Why serums and why now? Nicky Kinnaird, founder of Space NK, says that serums are gaining popularity because “they offer more specifically targeted, effective solutions.” Former beauty editor and creator and founder of Rodial (they make that fabulous Boob Job in a bottle), Maria Hatzistefanis, notes, “Serums are fantastic as they are able to add nutrients to the deepest layers of the skin, which a moisturizer cannot reach.” Rest assured ladies, this doesn’t mean you should ditch your coveted moisturizers. Just add a serum into the mix.

You may be wondering, what exactly does a serum do and how does one use it? As Kinnaird explains, serums are “light in texture, yet highly concentrated. Serums are comprised of molecules that are much smaller than those in moisturizer, allowing them to target issues that begin beneath the skin’s surface.”  To use, Hatzistefani suggests, “Apply a serum to a clean and toned face before applying moisturizer, to lock in the skin-repairing properties of the serum.”  

We asked Space NK’s Nicky Kinnaird to divulge the best serums for a variety of skincare concerns. Click through the slideshow above to see what serums are getting the most face time this season (ha-ha!). We’re quite certain one of these will make their way into your beauty cabinet come the weekend.