Stitch to Stitch: Behind the Scenes at Sies Marjan

When Sander Laks set up a GoPro camera in his studio last February, he never intended to publicly share the footage. At the time, he was busy doing castings and fittings for his label Sies Marjan’s Fall/Winter 2016 fashion show, and he “wanted to make sure we had some sort of documentation of the creation of Sies Marjan.” Somewhere into the 60 hours captured, Laks and his crew forgot the camera was still there. “We really wanted to capture as much as possible,” he explains. “It was more for us.”

Edited by Baron & Baron, the video below gives you a condensed glimpse into the immense work that goes into preparing each show. “My experience has always been that you use the time that you have,” says Laks his process creating a new collection, from the first seed of an idea to the last stitch. “If it’s a year, you take a year and if it’s two months, you somehow do it all in two months … you have to make it work,” he continues. “We are quite organized, so the time that you are waiting for the collection to be finished and the show to start is probably the most stressful.”