Saint Laurent’s Chic New Mini Bags Go Down Like Happy Hour, “5 á 7”

Saint Laurent's new mini

The new “Le 5 à 7” mini-bag by Yves Saint Laurent.

It’s time for our very first Saint Laurent handbag review. First up, we have the house’s new mini “Le 5 à 7,” a chic, Agnes Varda-inspired bag that has our American editors thinking about electronic cigarettes and happy hour in the hot, hot heat. Next, we have the “Manhattan,” a bossy little number that has our new social media guru Julian Ribiero dreaming of ordering off-menu…


TAYLORE SCARABELLI: Oh my god. This one is so cute. 


SCARABELLI: It’s like a little baby bag. She’s pink. Oh my god, I’m not allowed this bag. I would immediately get lipstick all over it. Look at this satin finish. Which one is this? She would fit my phone if there wasn’t a phone case on it. Look, it fits perfectly.

RIBEIRO: Pink. Chic. My favorite part about it is the L fitting into the bottom, like the little hook being the L is cute.

SCARABELLI: It’s so delicate. It’s called “Le 5 à 7.” It’s a happy hour bag. 

RIBEIRO: It’s a sweet size.

SCARABELLI: I like the leather one. I think I could wear this without destroying it. Where would you wear her?

Saint Laurent's new mini

RIBEIRO: Wherever I’m going with two debit cards and a vape and nothing else. 

SCARABELLI: From happy hour to the club, honey. I guess I should take my recording device out of the purse. So next we have this stunning miniature briefcase. The “Manhattan.”

RIBEIRO: It’s professional. It’s chic. It says, “I go to the office, but I smoke outside.”

SCARABELLI: It fits the Vogue’s I brought back from Paris perfectly. It’s so delicate. This is for a real fancy New Yorker. You’re not taking this to, like, Clockwork Bar on a Tuesday.

RIBEIRO: It’s for someone who orders off-menu.

SCARABELLI: She’s going to Le Rock with her husband.

RIBEIRO: This is a purse for someone who hasn’t worn sneakers to a restaurant since the pandemic.

SCARABELLI: It’s a satisfying length. It hits the hip. We also have her in white—I take that back. It’s more of a creme.


SCARABELLI: It’s a Pavlova on a hot summer day. Sweet.

RIBEIRO: It’s tasty and tasteful. It’s an office bag and a personal bag. She’s night and day.

SCARABELLI: If you had to pick, which one are you taking home?

RIBEIRO: The pink mini for my everyday and the classy cream number for nighttime. 

SCARABELLI: Chic, chic, chic.