Balmain’s B-Buzz Dynasty Bag Is Giving Big Sunglasses and a Blowout

For this edition of our “it”-bag review series, our senior editor Taylore Scarabelli gathers the summer interns to get a Gen-Z point of view on the new vintage travel vanity-inspired B-Buzz Dynasty handbag from Balmain


TAYLORE SCARABELLI: Ok, we’re here at the Interview office this morning after our first pride party. I’m tired, you guys are not tired because you weren’t able to come to the party because you’re underage.

INTERN #1: Yes. 

INTERN #2: Maybe, maybe.

SCARABELLI: Well, let’s prep these Balmain bags for when you’re finally able to go to the club. It’s called the B-Buzz Dynasty. I’m pulling out the first number. It’s a furry piece. It’s good for fall. First reacts?

INTERN #2: It kind of reminds me of, like, Daisy Jones & The Six. That seventies vibe. I would wear it with a fur coat and big sunglasses and a blowout. 

INTERN #1: It gives me like ski resort, old New York vibes. 

SCARABELLI: She’s luxurious, she’s glamorous, and she has that long strap which is also pretty seventies. But she’s  versatile. You can wear it with a strap or you can carry it around like a little Polly pocket bag. It fits a cell phone. 

INTERN #1: You can actually fit a lot in there.

SCARABELLI: A pair of gloves.

INTERN #2: Passport, keys, condom, phone. That’s it.

SCARABELLI: That’s it. That’s all you need. 

SCARABELLI: Alright up next—oh, it’s a Kelly green version.

INTERN #1: Oh my god.

SCARABELLI: She’s giving crocodile.

INTERN #2: She is amazing. 

INTERN #1: Wow. I like the color a lot. This is less seventies. It’s more like– 

INTERN #2: I mean, it’s definitely very summer. 

INTERN #1: I would wear this to maybe–

INTERN #2: Ibiza? 

SCARABELLI: Pacha, darling. 

INTERN #1: It’s also a fun pop of color for a winter look or a Christmas party. 

INTERN #2: It’s giving if the Grinch was yassified, in the best way. 


INTERN #2: It’s definitely way more summery.

B-Buzz Dynasty

SCARABELLI: Alright. And then we have our final color way. She’s classic. She’s classy. She’s noir. 

INTERN #2: I love black. My mom always says black is my favorite color because it’s slimming. I mean it’s a bag but I see that.

SCARABELLI: I love that. A slimming purse. A tiny, skinny bag.

INTERN #1: A tiny bag for an efficient girl. You gotta get around. 

SCARABELLI: Ok. What’s everyone’s favorite? I pick the fur.

INTERN #1: I pick the fur.

INTERN #2: I pick the fur too. The fur is the best. 

SCARABELLI: I think it’s faux, but it feels so real. 

INTERN #2: If it’s not, sorry PETA. Don’t kill us.