SAINt JHN Talks Bad Sushi and Boyfriend Jeans at Isabel Marant FW23

After Isabel Marant‘s “subtle and supple” FW23 runway, multi-hypenate musician SAINt JHN had a reflective chat with our senior editor Taylore Scarabelli about his Paris Fashion Week experience. Highlights include: experimentation with thigh-highs, front row crushes, and diner sushi. As for SAINt JHN‘s Paris beauty routine? “Water, sleep, lotion, flex, repeat.”


TAYLORE SCARABELLI: I’m Taylore. Nice to meet you.

JHN: What’s up, Taylore? I’m SAINt.

SCARABELLI: How did you like the show? I saw you dancing up on the stage. You were grooving.

JHN: I had a good time. It’s the one time you’re at a fashion show like, “Damn, I could have the box seats.” It was beautiful to watch—a performance while a performance was happening. And the clothes were really soft, subtle, beautiful. 

SCARABELLI: There was a vision there.

JHN: I thought the looks were consistent. They were concise. I liked seeing the three-tier leather boots. I liked seeing the motorcycle leather dress.

SCARABELLI: Would you rock a thigh-high leather boot?

JHN: Yeah. Why not?

SCARABELLI: That’s hot. I could also see you in that sparkly sweater…

JHN: The silver one?


JHN: I ain’t going to lie, I thought hard about it and I was like, “I could do this.”

SCARABELLI: Do you like your pants baggy like that? Is that your vibe?

JHN: I do oversized. Extremely oversized. I want to look like I’m in boyfriend jeans, even though I’m the boyfriend.

SCARABELLI: Cute. I feel like the Marant woman is such a specific type. Is that your type? Are you feeling her? 

JHN: I like the Marant woman. She wants to be free and she wants to be tough, and she wants to be subtle and supple at the same time. She wants to let you know she believes in zippers and leather and a cinched waist.

SCARABELLI: Did  you see any crushes in the front row?

JHN: Yeah. I was like, “Yes, please.”

SCARABELLI: Any names? Or you don’t want to say?

JHN: If you see a picture, you can believe in what you believe in. But until you see a picture, none of it’s real.

SCARABELLI: All right. What’s your fashion week beauty routine?

JHN: Water, sleep, lotion, flex, repeat.

SCARABELLI: You’re sleeping? I’m jealous.

JHN: I close my eyes in between S-Class rides.

SCARABELLI: What’s your favorite fashion week snack?

JHN: I’ve been starving the whole time. We ate sushi twice and that worked.

SCARABELLI: Sushi in Paris.

JHN: Sushi in Paris.

SCARABELLI: What’s the best part about Fashion Week?

JHN: The shapes, the silhouettes and the subtext, all at the same time.

SCARABELLI: What’s the worst part?

JHN: You don’t get to sleep. The food is going to be trash, because you are racing from show to show. If your hotel loves you, maybe they’ll wake you up on time for your events. [But] maybe you’ve just gotta figure it out yourself and you miss almost everything. 

SCARABELLI: So true. What’s the best time to show up to the after-party?

JHN: 40 minutes before it ends.