Get Into André’s Childhood

Photo by Henry Hargreaves



Entrepreneur and Officiel head André Saraiva is known for his French motorcycle classics: A.P.C. jeans, motorcycle jacket and starchy white T, for instance. Add another to the list, and make it a surprise: André’s collaboration with heritage brand Saint James on a monogrammed version of their famous 122-year-old striped shirt. “As a little kid, I would go to Brittany to the sea, I would go to the old fishermen stores, and always grab a few Saint James winter sweaters, and the T-shirts,” he says.

Saint James is updating the old standard at—where else?—the Standard hotel in New York, host to André’s popular rooftop pool party Le Bain. André took their iconic “Naval II” shirt with 21 blue stripes and added a sketch of the smiling pink imp he lovingly calls “Mr. A.” New York is represented on the sleeve in a red and blue sailor’s hat. The collection will be unveiled at this year’s Bastille Day party on the chests of the Standard’s staff. A limited edition of the shirts will be sold at the Standard, Opening Ceremony in New York and LA, and Colette in Paris.