Runway Chat: NY Fashion Week Day One

Justin Timberlake at William Rast


‘s Fashion Market Editors Karla Martinez and Miguel Enamorado are joined at the Blackberry. And on Fashion’s Night Out, nothing’s going to stop them—not massive crowds, not Chris Benz playing tennis on a Wii. Well, maybe a dead cell phone battery…

Conversation with MEnamorado started.
Conversation with Karla started.

MEnamorado: On my way to Rosa Cha. Rosa is only girls : (
MEnamorado: Already here’s something about a small pillbox clutch
MEnamorado: Saw it at BCBG this AM and now at Rosa Cha

Karla: Is Rosa doing boys soon?
Karla: At Ports 1961 there were quite the opposite, huge flat clutches.

MEnamorado: Prabal Gurung was on to something with the bow ties at the ankle

Karla: Yes, very dressed up.

Karla: Anya Hindmarch showed her great leather goods and travel accessories. Thegoodie bag was filled with Vitamin C!

MEnamorado: OMG you better save it. We may need it this week.

Karla: I gave it to Chris [Bollen, Interview Editor at Large]. He doesn’t feel good.

MEnamorado: Mon dieu
MEnamorado: BTW I’m heading up to BG [Bergdorf Goodman] for FNO [Fashion’s Night Out] and will work my way down.

Karla: No service at Jen Kao and it’s 10 degrees in here. Thank goodness for my Prova scarf!
Karla: I’m doing the opposite. Maya Singer is at Jen Kao and wearing a Camilla Staerk decorated wristband (roller skating accident!).

MEnamorado: OMG she loves a collaboration
MEnamorado: When she had a cast it was decorated by Eddie Borgo in home bolts and chains
MEnamorado: Just left Prada, where my search for the mens studded shoes continues

Karla: And nothing? On my way to BG to do some shopping. Really wanting the new Tabitha Simmons wedges.

MEnamorado: They ran two sizes too big so they don’t have them

Karla: Then going over to Tods, Mr Della Valle is making bags.
Karla: My cab driver is amazing!

MEnamorado: Well I’m hoofing it in my smurf blue Duckie Browns to Saks to bring sexy back
MEnamorado: Justin Timberlake is making a personal at the William Rast shop
MEnamorado: Damn my petite hoofs.

Karla: Lines at Bergdorf Goodman! People seem excited.

MEnamorado: It’s like fashion Halloween
MEnamorado: Saks is mobbed and I can’t find my two amigos.

Karla: Stuart Weitzman is signing shoes at 5 PM.
Karla: Oh man holding my stuff where are you???

MEnamorado: At Saks with David Yurman
MEnamorado: Devi Kroell was so cute in her FNO tee. I’m feeling a bit left out.
MEnamorado: Cuter is Chris Benz getting his ass whooped at Wii tennis.

Karla: Buying Extreme Beauty in Vogue so Phyllis Posnick can sign it.
Karla: The book is great and who can resist the candy face by Irving Penn on the cover!
Karla: The line to buy T by Alexander Wang is insane. Running Tods, then Calvin and Barneys.
Karla: Then going home to change.

MEnamorado: I have my new Katherine Fleming python mutch, which Chris Benz dubbed chicisima muchisima
MEnamorado: Barneys is a mob scene.

Karla: Wow! I was about to go! Maybe I will go to Dolce. Met Michelle Moynahan, so nice and pretty!

Karla: The UES hasn’t been this alive since the Puerto Rican day parade!!

MEnamorado: In this corner watch the Proenza Schouler twins make wallets disappear by the seconds
MEnamorado: To the left supermodel Doutzen knits and mingles with real pps
MEnamorado: While Soraya bedazzles the crowd with her Finn line of jewelry

Karla: I’m going to report from downtown! Do I dare get in a taxi??
Karla: Always find one on Park and 63rd!

MEnamorado: Hors d’oeuves just became breakfast, lunch, and dinner
MEnamorado: Catching up with Lam at co-op where I saw Jeff and Sam from Shipley and Halmos
MEnamorado: They are doing FNO on bikes and ending up in Williamsburg at Vena Cava. Maybe I could hitch a ride home.

Karla: At Miu Miu downtown hanging out and having vitamin water.

MEnamorado: In a car on my way down to Levi’s
MEnamorado: Are you staying long maybe we’ll meet up
MEnamorado: Are you ending up at the pop-up shop party?

Karla: Which one, the Vogue one? Yes probably!

MEnamorado: It’s only 9. It feels like midnight

Karla: All the girls are wearing Eddie Borgo’s all spikey bracelet!

MEnamorado: I want to be one of those girls when he debuts his mens line this Spring
MEnamorado: Keegan [Singh] was wearing it and I wanted to rip it off his wrist

Karla: Phone is almost dead!
Karla: Bond is one big block party!

MEnamorado: Love it! Be there in a bit

[Radio Silence]