Go Bag

Curator, writer, and all-around artistic polymath Neville Wakefield has partnered with German luggage titan Rimowa for a limited-edition series of suitcases. Here are a few essential items that he might throw in his bag if he had to get out of town quick:

The White Album by Joan Didion: to remind me that writing as much as life is conducted from the edge of a precipice.

• 70m Mammut Supersafe rope plus carabiners: in case I fall off the precipice.

• Leica X2 digital camera: old-school body, modern mind.

• Marshall headphones: to drown the inside world out.

•Dried bananas: so-called “iron rations” from the days of sailing on my father’s boat.

• Photograph of my family in the Isles of Scilly: to remind me where I came from.

• Original Helmut Lang denim jeans and jacket: Canadian tuxedo for special occasions.

• K-Y Jelly: because you never know.