Rock-‘n’-Roll with Rag & Bone

“I think that creative people can make creative things, no matter what,” Michael Pitt nonchalantly told us last August. In the eyes of the actor and musician, the creative and the commercial are not mutually exclusive. It is for this reason—his “cool, genuine” demeanor—that designers Marcus Wainwright and David Neville cast Pitt alongside French actress Léa Seydoux in the new Fall/Winter 2013 campaign for their New York-based label, Rag & Bone.

Shot by photographer Glen Luchford on 35 and 16mm film in some of New York’s seedier areas, Seydoux and Pitt were given free reign. “The premise was simply them in Rag & Bone doing whatever came naturally,” says Neville. The actors did a little more than just stand around and look pretty, however. While Seydoux got drenched in the middle of a thunderstorm, Pagoda band member Pitt sacrificed his own guitar as a prop during the campaign—”I walked out in the middle of the street and smashed it,” he recalls.

With Pitt’s air of quiet rebellion, and what Neville succinctly describes as Seydoux’s  “beguiling, natural beauty,” the two are just the pair for the Rag & Bone aesthetic. “Glen achieved exactly what we were after—perfectly caught real moments without lighting or props,” Wainwright explains. 

The black and white hand-printed photos, along with a behind the scenes video, will be released in September.