Raf Simons is the Future


“Raf Simons is the future,” began Kanye West’s interview with the former Jil Sander designer for our November 2009 issue. Oh, how prescient that statement was. Last week, LVMH named Simons the new artistic director of Dior. As everyone with an internet connection knows, Dior’s former artistic director, John Galliano, was ejected from the house last February after videos of his anti-Semitic rant at a bewildered couple surfaced on YouTube. Since then, Dior’s future has hung in the balance—Bill Gaytten oversaw the label’s past few collections, which received, at best, mixed reviews (we still think this is pretty impressive of Mr. Gaytten, all things considered) and rumors that Marc Jacobs might assume Galliano’s position swirled around over the summer. As longtime fans of Belgian-born Raf Simons, we are quite enthusiastic about his appointment. With LV, Marc Jacobs, and Marc by Marc, Marc Jacobs has enough on his plate as it is and we wouldn’t want Marc to stretch himself too thin. Congratulations, Raf!