Phillip Lim Wants Men to Work

With an interconnected set of boxed rooms designed by New York wood worker Andrew Ondrejak, Phillip Lim’s laid-back house of cool showcased the designer at his most poised. Lim has a devoted following, and that’s the sharp way he tailors and details, with hand-stitching or rolled edges, making the Lim man a dandy, but with more swagger. At the center of his show, a young model sat and played Miles Davis on the piano while boys stood in a James Dean meets Nick Carroway way. Models lounged in Lim’s glasses (he’sone of the few designers who succeeds in both accessories and garments in equal parts), slick and leisurely. As always, his prints are tops, with subtly busy paint splashes on two piece suits, or small, thin grid-like lines on jackets. The designer, who rushed around effusively, coat over his shoulders, showcased his ease with materials, from lambskin shorts to silk zip ups. The drink of choice was Maker’s Mark, for a man of fine taste enjoys a Southern bourbon, now and again. (LEFT: LOOK 12)