Peridot’s Unperilous Style

The ethos of London-based label Peridot is simple: “Garments within our collections are designed to be the key building blocks of any look, whatever your personal style,” explains designer Rachel Wilson. Founded by Wilson in the autumn of 2009, Peridot grounds itself in elegant staples (what Wilson describes as a “capsule wardrobe”): the well-pressed shirtdress, the leather skirt, the tailored blazer. Collections begin with selecting a fabric and color, rather than an esoteric theme. “This is so important to the cut and feel of the final garment,” emphasizes Wilson.  

Born and raised in Australia, Wilson wanted to be an air hostess as a child because she “wanted to see the world.” Fortunately for everyone, she found another way. Her entry into fashion, she says cryptically, was through “having a dream and being cheeky!” Although Wilson is still based in the Western hemisphere, she chose London as her design home and plans to open a new showroom and studio space next year. “I love winter coats,” she says. “Not something we get to wear or use much in Australia.”