Everyone Wants to be Marina Abramovic



Between her penchants for sharp objects and nudity, there’s one performance artist who we thought we’d never ask for style advice, and that’s Marina Abramovic. And yet somewhere around the time of her current visceral retrospective, The Artist Is Present, at MoMA, Abramovic is looking something like a trendsetter (The New Yorker’s profile of the artist did mark her preference for designer clothing, more than once). The look for this seaon’s jewelry style is tough, and recalling body-centric feminist performance art. Just look to the mood of Supreme Management’s 2010 show package, or the popular Unearthern crystal necklaces that could’ve been in Dozing Consciousness (1997), a video in which she’s covered in quartz crystals.

See all the looks:

The Unearthen crystals, albeit with little bodily harm implied:


It all started, as many things do, with threeASFOUR and their Spring 2010 collection. The show was an ode to Yoko Ono’s 1965 Cut Piece, in which the artist’s clothes were cut off by the audience.

Moving forward, the spindly fingernails at Katie Gallagher’s Fall 2010 collection bring to mind the exaggerated nails in Janine Antoni’s  Ingrown piece. Again, the difference between fashion and art is pain.