Perfect Storm: Pendleton vs. Hurley


At this late date, holiday pop-up shops have pretty much jumped the shark; the same goes for heritage brand fashion collaborations. That said, we found an exception last night at the launch of the Hurley by Pendleton pop-up shop, which runs through New Year’s at NYC’s Saturdays Surf. In addition to the whiskey, fresh-grilled brats, and live music they had a very current re-interpretation of the Pendleton boardshirt. Though the style wasn’t named as such until 1992, this classic wool button-down has been a surf staple for decades. “In the 60’s they didn’t have wetsuits, so surfers would rub themselves down in Vaseline and wear a Pendleton shirt over it as a makeshift wetsuit,” says Hurley designer John Cherpas, who slimmed down the brand’s boxy silhouettes for a more modern fit as well as reinterpretting some Hurley jackets in Pendleton’s classic fabrics. And if that blue check pattern looks familiar it’s for good reason. “The Beach Boys wore it on the cover of “Surfin’ Safari,” says Cherpas. “They first started wearing these shirts back when they were still called The Pendletons. They thought it looked cool, because it looked like they were part of the surf culture.”

Hurley by Pendleton pop-up shop through January 4. Saturdays Surf is located at 31 Crosby St between Broome and Grand.