Paging: Intermission

“When we started working on this title, we questioned whether the world really needs another fashion magazine,” says Daniel Magnussen, the Editor-in-Chief and Creative Director of Intermission, a Copenhagen-based art and fashion magazine, launching the first week of August. Heavy stuff from Magnussen, who’s also the former Editor-in-Chief & Creative Director of He. “But at the same time,” Magnussen continues, “We felt what was lacking was magazines with a real point of view, especially here in Copenhagen/Scandinavia where all magazines include the same news and people and almost look the same.” Included under this editorial rubric (and in the first issue) are international tastemakers like shoe designer Pierre Hardy, artist Banks Violette, musician Hayes Peebles, Interview‘s Christopher Bollen, and musician Lizzi Bougatsos. With a black-and-white shot by Luke Irons of Bank Violette’s face and tattooed neck emerging from soupy shadow on the cover, debut issue’s 44 pages, with English and Danish text, are an irrepressible mix of glossy and gritty.