Watching the Ballet at Opening Ceremony


Opening Ceremony’s runway shows always have an unconventional spirit, as the brand thoroughly embraces the avant-garde. Creative Directors Humberto Leon and Carol Lim have previously forgone the traditional structure in favor of a Spike Jonze-directed satirical play, and this year was no different, albeit perhaps not as baroque. The design duo asked the New York City Ballet to help model the label’s Spring/Summer ’16 collection, waltzing down the runway with choreographed dance moves and carefully orchestrated “falls” within the garden-esque setting. The high-brow performance art and organic atmosphere tied into the Frank Lloyd Wright-inspired collection. Nods to the famed architect’s mid-century modern designs could be seen in garments such as silk pajama dresses accented with bonsai trees (Wright’s favorite) and symmetrical tops and deeply-slitted skirts with whimsical patterns that appeared to come straight from a blueprint. Deep-cut necklines echoed archways and geometrically-woven fabrics further enhanced the recurring architecture and interior décor motifs.