Opening Ceremony

It’s New York Fashion Week and seasoned Interview photographers Shawn Brackbill, Christopher Gabello, Kate Owen, and PabloRavazzani are backstage and front row at our favorite shows. Check indaily and follow Shawn, Chris, Kate, and Pablo on Interview‘s TwitterInstagram, and Facebook, for the latest updates.

Bars of chocolate, offered on silver trays, greeted attendees at last week’s Opening Ceremony show. It turned out that was only the start of the sugar rush: several looks in, a flow of dark chocolate oozed down a white set. As a candy smell permeated the air, liquid dripped over projected, undulating lines. These were meant to emulate fingerprints, a staple pattern in the collection.

The wavy brown patterns showed up on oversize blouses, swinging skirts, a tunic, and various outerwear. All was mixed and matched in forest greens, cobalt blues, blacks, greys, and rosy pinks. In case the point was missed, an actual hand was raised on a graphic sweater, and palms overlaid geometric shapes on a mini-skirt and capri pants.

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