Objects of Desire: Behind Daniel Lee’s Bottega Veneta Salon 01 Collection

Photo by Tyrone Lebon.

As humans, we adapt to whatever climate we’re in. As artists, we use that climate to create. Take Daniel Lee, the Creative Director of Bottega Veneta who has kept the fashion world wrapped around his finger since his appointment in 2018. In 2020, the era of social distancing, Lee’s approach to the fashion show has flipped the front-row-catwalk setting on its head. First, he brought us the short film “Men,” a reflection on presentation, masculinity, and the beauty of the male form. Now, with Salon 01: London, Lee expands his vision, adding three books and a record to the presentation, evolving the fashion show, once again, into a scrumptious multi-sensory experience. Back in October, Bottega Veneta showed the collection to a few artists and tastemakers, including Skepta, Kanye West, and Lee’s musical muse Neneh Cherry at the Sadler’s Wells Theatre in London. The collection, coupled with the three books and a soundtrack created by Cherry, is an ode to the people, places, shapes, and objects that make Lee’s wheels churn. There are shiny things, tight silhouettes, bold hues, and sex—always sex. “The most important thing for me was for the soundtrack and collection to work in harmony,” Cherry told Interview of her participation in Salon 01. “Daniel had an idea that he wanted me to just speak rather than sing, to keep it close and intimate as a reflection of the journey we’ve been on this year.” Below, a closer look at some of the images inside each of the books, and a teaser of Salon 01: London.

Salon 01: London can be viewed here.




A glimpse into Daniel Lee’s inspirations behind Salon 01: London

Self-Service Magazine.


Peter Lindbergh Foundation.



Created by German conceptual artist Rosemarie Trockel. Her work challenges traditional notions of femininity culture and artistic production. Collages, photographers, and anonymous short stories, the book addresses the cultural and emotional values that turn a product into a powerful object of desire.



A front and backstage look-book capturing the physical presentation, photographed by Tyrone Lebon.