The Nude Thing


“It’s really a makeup artist trend, embracing skin texture and tone as primary makeup. So, turning the lip into skin tone and texture,” says chief makeup artist for MAC, Gordan Espinet. The nude lip is a way for the makeup artist to “Eliminate all of the other features, so that we can pay attention to the eyes.”


And nude isn’t just for the runway–a number of celebs went nude for their red carpet walk at last night’s Emmys. From pinky beige to flesh, nude was the non-color of choice for Kristin Chenowith, Mary-Louise Parker, and Olivia Wilde, among others.


According to Espinet, as long as there’s Rome, there will always be a nude lip. “People will always wear the “Cavalli lip”. In Rome, it”s a beige glossy lip paired with a tan, too much liner and mascara.” In America, we prefer matte.


Nude to try: MAC’s Myth lipstick – a universal fleshy, beige hue.


Sarah Howard is the editor of Beauty Banter.