A Necklace Isn’t Just a Necklace



Nina Stotler‘s jewelry line Von Kottwitz has been described as “industrial,” “heavy metal,” and inevitably “Teutonic,” as the look owes a lot to the designer’s Berlin upbringing. It’s never been called “traditional.” But for her fourth collection, titled “Meridian,” Stotler explores the concepts of legacy and heritage from a modern minimalist context. “I started thinking about the idea of value and the intrinsic heavy luxury of heirloom jewelry,” Stotler says of her latest designs. “The type of substantial pieces passed from mothers to daughters for generations.” Stotler translates those lofty ideas into her designs with unlikely elements like pearl accents against heavy chains.

Tonight at the Tribeca Grand, Stotler launches the latest collection and screens  an accompanying concept film. In the clip, Stotler conveys the emotional significance of personal objects. “The Meridian film grew out of my connection to my family and the way jewelry has been a part of the heritage my mother has given me.” Stotler explains. “After digitizing a few reels of Super-8 footage my parents recorded running around Europe in the late 60s, I was struck by both the intimate way my father filmed my mother and the highly stylized look of their everyday lives.” Featuring “very evocative, personal shots” of what the designer calls the “modern boyfriend experience,” builds a story in an emotionally vulnerable setting, where every detail becomes permanent memory and a necklace is no longer just a necklace.