Just Say No Editions

Nicole Lachelle and Christian Nieseen, two German designers living in New York, have an inordinate amount of patience and they’re also just plain stubborn. Their brand No Editions is the first to create unique pieces in a series. Using digital printing, the designers work with one print which is laid out differently to create a multitude of variations. Each numbered piece includes a graphic of the print, showing where the edition appears in the series. Printing on sinuous mixtures of jersey, cotton and leather, the prints in very subtle color ways make the clothes look almost as though they’ve been aged or stained rather than deliberately patterned. This season, the pair shot a web cam film of a girl on Christopher St. and Seventh Avenue in the West Village, inspired by Ondi Timoner’s We Live in Public, a documentary of Josh Harris who filmed the life of a group of downtown artists with motion controlled cameras to catch their every move. LEFT: PHOTO BY REBECCA VOIGHT