Natalie Westling

Who am I: Natalie Westling.

Person I would like to switch places with: Honestly wouldn’t like to switch places with anyone.

Events I wish I’d witnessed: The ocean festival in del mar california which changed the style of skateboarding.

My idea of happiness: Boarding on a sunny day in L.A. Being able to be and do anything you [have] a passion for.

My biggest fear: Heights.

My greatest adventure: Taking a private jet home to Arizona with my mom and cats.

Something I’d like to change: Trump being president.

Things I’ll be remembered by: Being low key and fun to hang with.

One thing I’d like to forget: No comment lol.

Something I’d like to accomplish: Owning my own skate brand.

Things that inspire me: Skating and my job.

Who I’d like to be: A role model for kids.