Sex and Another City


Berlin, a city known for being high on style but low on funds, seems like a strange place to find the opulent Sex in the City II‘s signature item. But those gold mirrored aviator shades flashing from Sarah Jessica Parker’s face on every visible ad surface come from Berlin, where the Mykita brand is a homegrown favorite, despite the grey German weather. Founded in 2003 in a daycare center, called a “kita” in East German slang, the label creates uniquely lightweight and flexible frames from single sheets of metal which mold to wearers’ features. Recent collaborations with Mario Schwab have produced rose colored Lennon glasses, a Flock of Seagulls-inspired line by Herr von Eden, and the brilliant navy, emerald and ruby snow-boarder shades by Bernard Wilhelm, whose gold varieties Carrie considers essential city-wear.