Most Wanted: True Religion ‘Halle’ Black Jeans

We often gravitate towards statement pieces for our Most Wanted item; if you’re going to lust, might as well lust big or some such sentiment. Some of our favorite purchases, however, are fairly standard pieces—the perfect white t-shirt, black cashmere cardigan, everyday hand bag, everyday flats. With the proliferation of haute-basic labels such as The Row, these can be surprisingly overwhelming purchases; too much choice, too little time or energy to try all the options. It is for these reasons that we have decided to tackle the denim problem for this week’s Most Wanted. The result is the above pair of True Religion ‘Halle’ mid-rise black skinny jeans, with all black hardware. Wonderfully simple—no ugly stitching, obnoxious whiskering or fake frays—and perfect to go from office to bar to club to walk of shame. Also just what we need to wear with last week’s Valentino flats and, if we’re in the mood for some adventurous print mixing, the Balenciaga blouse from a few weeks before. Priced at $167 from

This Most Wanted item was selected by
Interview fashion assistant Stephanie Strauss.